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Add PDF processing, manuals and fixing several bugs

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8 years ago

In this release we have implemented several fixes for bugs that were bugging you. Specifically issues with the way phpDocumentor inherits information have been fixed though there are still some remaining.

In addition to the above we have merged our sister-project Scrybe into phpDocumentor itself as a plugin. That means that starting with this release there is a foundation with which we can start working towards being a complete documentation solution, including reference material.

The Scrybe plugin is currently in alpha but is capable of transforming RestructuredText, and more formats in the future, to HTML and PDF documents. Let us know what you think of it but do expect quite a bit of bugs there; it is an early product.

Also have we started integrating DOMPDF and created a PDF writer with which PDF files can be generated from HTML output of phpDocumentor. Unfortunately there is no template yet, so it is not possible to use this new feature out of the box. We intend to add such a template in the future.

For a complete list of changes, see this list:

ADDED:     Support for writing PDF files using a Twig template by adding the PDF writer.
ADDED:     More documentation on types, running phpDocumentor, the @var tag.
ADDED:     Support for sorting lists with Twig and XSLT.
ADDED:     Basic support for generating reference documentation with ReST documents.
CHANGED:   Replaced custom phar building with the library from
FIXED:     #1090: GraphViz issues where the global namespace caused GraphViz not to generate.
FIXED:     #1037 by @siad007: if opcode cache is enabled for CLI then annotations are dropped.
FIXED:     #1031: Fixed inheritance for the summary, description, tags and the way @inheritdoc works.
FIXED:     Adding several unit tests.
FIXED:     Cleaned up code to remove warnings and errors.
FIXED:     #1111: An infinite loop occurred during processing of global constants.
FIXED:     Crash that occurred when building a tree of packages.
FIXED:     Crash that occurred when an interface was not recognized.
FIXED:     XSLTCache extension could not be used instead of XSLTProcessor due to a stray typehint.
FIXED:     #1110: Crash on incomplete `define` definition.
FIXED:     #949: `@inheritdoc` is not working with interfaces.

Important: we have not yet compiled a new PHAR file because there are issues in the PHAR generation process. We are working together with the lib maintainer to fix this issue but that means the PHAR is delayed for now.

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