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More bug fixes and template touch-ups

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8 years ago

This sprint was a bit of a slow period; we still got plenty of work done but more is always better!
Next sprint we expect to deliver a lot more features so keep tuned.

Do you think more could be fixed and have time to help with it? Please come over and help! We can use all the help we can get.

ADDED:     Information how to donate to phpDocumentor using gittip
ADDED:     Profiling information and process
CHANGED:   Moved the external class documentation code to their own router
CHANGED:   #1080: Replaced MarkDownExtra dependency with Parsedown
CHANGED:   Rewrote a lot of the documentation; still a work in progress
FIXED:     #720: External class documentation had ../files prepended
FIXED:     #932: Todo tags did not show up in Twig templates
FIXED:     #1049: Arguments passed by reference did not show up as being by reference
FIXED:     #1075: Prevent output from wrapping in Windows console
FIXED:     Cleaned up code based on Continuous Integration messages
FIXED:     Timezone issues on some machines
FIXED:     Various issues in several templates

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