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Bug fixes and small features

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9 years ago

With this release we have been able to provide a good number of patches for existing issues and some small features. Alas our core feature for this sprint, namely Search, is not stable enough be released. We will continue work on that during the 2.2 sprint.

If you discover any issues, do not hesitate and let us know using the issue tracker!

Below is a list of all changes in this release of phpDocumentor2:

ADDED:     New cli option 'log' to tell phpDocumentor the path where to log to
ADDED:     Verbosity can now be provided in three level, each indicating how much is written in the log
ADDED:     Support for the XSLCache drop in replacement of ext/xsl
ADDED:     Locale can now be supplied in the configuration
ADDED:     German translation for error messages
ADDED:     Support to insert Markdown files into specific points of the outputted documentation (partials)
ADDED:     Deprecated tag now registers the version number since when the associated element was deprecated
ADDED:     Show which traits are consumed by a class
ADDED:     Link to the traits that are consumed by a class
ADDED:     Show traits with their methods and properties
CHANGED:   phpDocumentor now checks for transformation requirements at the start of the application (#148)
FIXED:     Checkstyle error report only showed errors of the file itself and not subelements (#1046)
FIXED:     Validation to check for validity of return types
FIXED:     Validation to check for validity of parameters
FIXED:     Fatal error when a parent interface is not in the project
FIXED:     Template:list does not throw an error
FIXED:     XML output correctly exposes @see, @link, @version
FIXED:     XML output now does not choke on special characters
FIXED:     Error code for return type was incorrect
FIXED:     Functions in the responsive twig now unfold to show complete contents
FIXED:     Constants in the responsive twig now unfold to show complete contents
FIXED:     Using an ampersand in the type of an @param no longer causes a fatal (not a recommended practice!)
REMOVED:   #814; removed ParserAbstract base class for Parser
REMOVED:   PSR Draft is now moved to its own repo:
REMOVED:   Automatic generation of log files, the new log option can be used or a configuration option

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