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Release 2.0.0 beta 7

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pre-release9 years ago
FIXED:     Warning in browser console 'Viewport argument value "device-width;" for key "width" is invalid, and has
           been ignored. Note that ';' is not a separator in viewport values. The list should be comma-separated.'
FIXED:     VERSION file was missing from phar archive, causing it to fail
FIXED:     Elements with an @ignore tag were not filtered
FIXED:     Deprecated elements are now striken in the class overview
FIXED:     The @see reference was not shown and interpreted
FIXED:     The @uses reference was not shown and interpreted
FIXED:     Response type was not shown with magic methods
FIXED:     Arguments were not shown with magic methods
FIXED:     Type is not shown with magic properties
FIXED:     Magic methods were missing from sidebar
FIXED:     Coding standards issues
FIXED:     Several documentation issues
FIXED:     Windows error where the directory slashes were incorrectly presented.
FIXED:     When a file contains multiple errors, only the first is shown.
FIXED:     Generating a new template gave a fatal error
FIXED:     Generated templates were missing the transformation line for their structure.xml
FIXED:     Linking to functions
FIXED:     Linking to constants
FIXED:     Linking to properties
FIXED:     Linking to methods
FIXED:     Root elements with the same shortname and file but in a different namespace would overwrite the other.
ADDED:     New template 'xml' for outputting a pure XML representation of the project's structure
ADDED:     Update instructions to issue a PR against homebrew if the phar file updates:
CHANGED:   Assembling of Tags to Descriptors was refactored to work the same way as other Descriptors.
CHANGED:   Properties won't emit an error regarding a missing summary if it has an @var tag with a description.

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