github phhusson/treble_experimentations v300.k
AOSP 11.0 v300.k

  • January security patch
  • Fix hotspot for Mediatek devices
  • Fix various sleep issue on Samsung devices
  • Fix NFC for some devices
  • Extend "Enable Aux cameras" for more devices (On Samsung you'll need both the one in misc and the one in Samsung)
  • Add new styles section in Treble App (thanks @ponces)
  • Add "Disable FUSE" parameter in Treble app. This can bring some storafe performance improvement to some users (thanks @eremitein)
  • Add dark mode icon for Treble app (Thanks @RandomAJL)
  • Fix OBB for Pie and Q vendors
  • Add "Automatically restart RIL" for Mediatek devices loosing radio when out of range
  • Fix boot on Spreadtrum devices (Thanks @PeterCxy)
  • Fix Realme C3 and C2 backlight and jack (Thanks @siddhrsh)
  • Disable annoying notification about Serial port on some devices
  • Fix tethering for some devices
  • Improved IMS situation for Spreadtrum
  • /!\ A/B non-lite images are still using Share Duplicate blocks to decrease image size. Use vndk-lite variant for R/W /
  • Fix NFC for some cases
latest releases: v302, v301, v300.m...
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