github phhusson/treble_experimentations v300.j
AOSP 11.0 v300.j

  • Gapps variants are back!
  • Fix camera on huawei (thanks @DarkJoker360dev )
  • Fix boot on some vndk 26 devices (Include in vndk-sp for mali EGL)
  • Fix keymaster (encryption) on Galaxy S9(+)
  • Fix boot on some a-only devices (vndk 28?) (Allow init to create /system_ext)
  • December Security Patch Level
  • Fix VoLTE crash on Mediatek Q vendors
  • Extend desktop mode to allow binding input devices to desktop
  • Fix rounded corner setting in treble app
  • Add a toggle in Treble app to workaround backlight scale on some devices
  • /!\ A/B non-lite images are now using Share Duplicate blocks, which means it is no longer trivial to mount / R/W. See This greatly reduces size of images from 3GB to 2.2GB.
    You can also use vndklite variant to easily fix RW /system
  • Realme C11: Fix backlight control, 3.5mm jack and double tap to wake
  • FLOSS variant now includes SeedVault for backups
latest releases: v301, v300.m, v300.l...
pre-release2 months ago