github phhusson/treble_experimentations v220
AOSP 10.0 v220

  • Fix boot on Moto One Macro
  • Fix media on Pie vendors
  • Home hardware button can wakeup the device
  • Treble settings now list resolution in addition to FPS, some devices can expose multiple resolutions and multiple FPS.
  • Fix double tap to wake on Galaxy A51
  • Fix fingerprint gestures on Moto One Action
  • Fix various SELinux fixes to improve integrated su on Samsung devices
  • Fix recent/home/back keys on some Samsung devices
  • Expose all refresh rates on Razer Phone (originally only 120Hz was available)

Something new!
There is now a "My device" section in Treble settings, where you can contact a maintainer dedicated to your device, and a community of users for that device. This also contains various Treble app presets that user usually needed to setup manually.

If you're interested to become maintainer for your device, look at and contact me!

latest releases: v301, v300.m, v300.l...
8 months ago