github phhusson/treble_experimentations v216
AOSP 10.0 v216

  • May security patch
  • Fix boot on Samsung Galaxy A30 @crazo7924
  • Fix long boot on Oreo vendor for Redmi 6A and Redmi 6 @myst33d
  • Fix ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on Samsung Q vendors @phhusson
  • Fix recent buttons on FLOSS variant @phhusson
  • Fix flashlight on S10 lite @mainey
  • Fix double-tap-to-wake on Xiaomi Redmi Go @phhusson

New overlays (fixes battery stats, automatic brightness, ...)

  • Nokia 6.1 @theimpulson
  • Nokia 8.1/X7 @TechnoStone


  • Cleanup of IMS use in hardware overlays @Dunedan
  • Gives more changes for vendor media profile to work @phhusson

Treble settings:

  • Qualcomm devices: Add an option to use vendor media profiles. This may enable higher camera recording resolution @phhusson
  • Qualcomm devices: Add an option to use vendor audio policy. This may fix some audio issues, but might create some others. @phhusson
  • Add an option to disable audio effects. This might fix some audio issues. @phhusson
  • Oppo: Add an option to enable dc diming @phhusson
  • Invert logic for navbar: navbar is enabled by default, but can be disabled @phhusson
latest releases: v300.m, v300.l, v300.k...
9 months ago