github phhusson/treble_experimentations v215
AOSP 10.0 v215

  • Temporarily removed gapps variant for 32 bit targets
  • Migrate from pe gapps to opengapps
  • Reenable FLOSS variant (exclusively 64bits be cause of Firefox/Fennec)
  • April security patch level
  • Fix DT2W on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
  • Fix crash when entering "misc" settings
  • Fix dt2w for a various number of Xiaomi devices
  • Fix a crash in "Samsung" settings
  • Include vr hwcomposer. Should fix error on Huawei devices on boot stating incompatible vendor
  • Fix audio and fingerprint behaviour on Mi Mix 3 5G, Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Enable navbar by default
  • Disable Samsung pre-installed apps
  • Fix internal SU's support of root-ed backup/restore apps
  • Fix brightness on Realme C1
  • Disable toasts about incompatible SDK
  • Enable multi-user for all devices
    • Fix screen brightness control on some Huawei devices
  • Add persist.sys.phh.no_vendor_overlay property to disable all vendor overlays
latest releases: v301, v300.m, v300.l...
11 months ago