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v2.46: Block Incremental Backup and SFTP Storage

16 days ago


  • Block incremental backup. (Reviewed by John Morris, Stephen Frost, Stefan Fercot.)
  • SFTP support for repository storage. (Contributed by Reid Thompson. Reviewed by Stephen Frost, David Steele.)
  • PostgreSQL 16 support. (Reviewed by Stefan Fercot.)


  • Allow page header checks to be skipped. (Reviewed by David Christensen. Suggested by David Christensen.)
  • Avoid chown() on recovery files during restore. (Reviewed by Stefan Fercot, Marcelo Henrique Neppel. Suggested by Marcelo Henrique Neppel.)
  • Add error retry detail for HTTP retries.

Documentation Improvements:

  • Add warning about using recovery type=none. (Reviewed by Stefan Fercot.)
  • Add note about running stanza-create on already-created repositories.

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