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3 years ago

Release v2.3.0

New feature

Suppressing empty commits option. (#22 by @kingofzeal )

By default, a commit will always be generated and pushed to the PUBLISH_BRANCH, even if nothing changed. If you want to suppress this behavior, set the optional parameter emptyCommits to false. cf. Issue #21

For example:

- name: deploy
  uses: peaceiris/actions-gh-pages@v2.3.0
    PUBLISH_BRANCH: gh-pages
    PUBLISH_DIR: ./public
    emptyCommits: false

Add workflow examples

  • Repository type - User and Organization
  • YAML workflow examples
    • Static Site Generators with Node.js
    • Gatsby
    • React and Next
    • Vue and Nuxt
    • Static Site Generators with Python (MkDocs)

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