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29 days ago

Features & Improvements

  • Add option to exclude group(s) when running pdm sync/install -G:all by adding flag --without group1,group2,... #2258
  • Default to log to user home and make logs directory configurable. #2398
  • Add an option keep_going to continue on errors for composite scripts and return the last failing exit code. #2582
  • Add an option working_dir for PDM's scripts to set the current working directory. #2620
  • Allow updating specific sub-dependencies (i.e., transitive dependencies) in the lock file. #2628
  • Add --config-setting option to add/install/sync/update/remove/export commands, the config settings dictionary will be shared by all packages. #2636
  • Cache the decompressed contents of wheels for faster access. #2660
  • Add configuration for timeout for network requests. #2680
  • Reuse the request sesison within the environment. #2697
  • Caches can be disabled by using the --no-cache option or setting the PDM_NO_CACHE environment variable. #2702
  • Switch to httpx.Client for HTTP requests, drop requests dependency. #2709
  • We have timemachine now! You can exclude packages published newer than a certain date via pdm lock --exclude-newer=<date>, allowing reproduction of resolutions regardless of new package releases. #2712
  • Add command pdm outdated to check the outdated packages and list the latest versions. #2718
  • When python.use_venv is on, always try to create a virtualenv when using pdm use to switch the Python interpreter. #2720
  • Support installing Pythons from python-build-standalone. Add command group pdm python to manage Python installations. And pdm use can automatically install the Python interpreter if it's not found. #2721
  • Supports custom distribution files path via -d/--dest option for pdm publish. #2723

Bug Fixes

  • Don't modify TOML tables that are not related to PDM. #2666
  • Made --without imply --with :all. #2670
  • Expand user path for venv.location and other path-like config values. #2672
  • Give a default version when it's missing in pyproject.toml when parsing candidate's metadata. #2677
  • Fix the issue that ANSI codes are shown in the output of pdm --help on Windows. #2678
  • Don't show empty configuration sections in pdm config. #2683


  • Document the difference between [tool.pdm.scripts] and [project.scripts] #2121

Removals and Deprecations

  • Remove the support of pth cache method. And symlink cache method now behaves the same as symlink_individual cache method. #2660
  • Remove pdm.models.environment module deprecated before. Also remove the renamed members from pdm.environments. #2710


  • Delete setup.cfg, move tool configurations under it to pyproject.toml #2703

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