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This release is packed with a couple of new features:


This is an enhancement to pdfcpu's PDF stamp command.
From now on when adding a PDF stamp and no specific stamp page is defined pdfcpu will apply each page of the stamp.pdf one-by-one to the input file and after that it repeatedly uses the last page of stamp.pdf if the input file has more pages. This will allow you to apply corporate designs to your PDFs in one simple step like so:
pdfcpu stamp add -mode pdf stamp.pdf 'rot:0, pos:bl, scale: 1.0 rel' in.pdf out.pdf

If you want to stamp with a specific page of stamp.pdf you need to define this like in stamp.pdf:3
See also #146.

The first release of 2020 also introduces four new commands:

  • keywords
  • properties
  • portfolio
  • collect

Manage search keywords

List, add, remove document keywords.
Keywords are also part of pdfcpu info.
Please also refer to pdfcpu help keywords.

usage: pdfcpu keywords list    [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile
       pdfcpu keywords add     [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile keyword...
       pdfcpu keywords remove  [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile [keyword...]

Manage document properties

List, add, remove document properties.
Properties are also part of pdfcpu info.
Please also refer to pdfcpu help properties.

usage: pdfcpu properties list    [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile
       pdfcpu properties add     [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile keyValuePair...
       pdfcpu properties remove  [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile [key...]


List, add, remove, extract portfolio entries.
pdfcpu attachment remains the command for managing plain attachments, whereas pdfcpu portfolio manages portfolio entries that will presented as such by Adobe Reader.
In a nutshell the behavior of this command reflects the old attachment command.
Please also refer to pdfcpu help portfolio.
See also #112.

usage: pdfcpu portfolio list    [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile
       pdfcpu portfolio add     [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile file[,desc]...
       pdfcpu portfolio remove  [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile [file...]
       pdfcpu portfolio extract [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile outDir [file...]


Create a custom PDF page sequence.
Pages may appear multiple times in any way you prefer:
pdfcpu collect -pages 5,1-3,1-3 in.pdf out.pdf
Please also refer to pdfcpu help collect.

usage: pdfcpu collect [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] -pages selectedPages [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile [outFile]

There is also an important change to the insert page command:

Enhanced insert page command

pdfcpu pages insert now features mode before|after. mode defaults to before.
This will allow you to insert pages at the end of your document:
pdfcpu pages insert -mode after -pages l test.pdf
l ... last page. See also #140,#148

Like always there are also a couple of bug fixes.
Thank you so much for using pdfcpu!
Have fun! 💚


055056b Add collect cmd
683591d Add new cmds: keywords, properties
789c1fd Fix #112
990136b Fix #140
71c52af Fix #143
9f62b17 Fix #144
eb8f480 Fix #146
df75777 Fix #148
623e0df Fix #152
3a5e89f Update

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