github pdfcpu/pdfcpu v0.2.4

  • pdfcpu info also displays pagesize(s) in points now . Use -u to set units to inch, cm or mm.
  • api.PageDims(inFile string) returns a slice of page dimensions.
  • pdfcpu/ccitt is removed as pdfcpu starts using the new x/image/ccitt package.
  • pdfcpu/lzw and pdfcpu/tiff are outsourced to hhrutter/lzw and hhrutter/tiff


73a6312 Fix #100
2943473 Fix #104
f49dee9 Minor fixes.
fc3b384 Move lzw and tiff into separate repos

latest releases: v0.3.6, v0.3.5, v0.3.4...
14 months ago