github pdfcpu/pdfcpu v0.2.1
pdfcpu version 0.2.1

The focus of this release is pdfcpu's API.

1) The API was redesigned. There are 2 layers:

  • Interface based layer
  • File based layer

The file based layer is used by pdfcpu's CLI.
The interface layer (based on io.ReadSeeker/io.Writer) is for backend integration.

All CLI commands call into the interface layer and if you go to GoDoc there are examples included for most of the API calls .

2) The new pdfcpu info command prints out all known info about a PDF file.

3) The pdfcpu command line features a new quiet mode flag (-quietor -q)which suppresses output to the stdOut. This feature is aimed at batch processing.

4) Bugfixes: #87,#89-#93

Thanks for all bug reports and for using pdfcpu! 💚

latest releases: v0.3.6, v0.3.5, v0.3.4...
15 months ago