github pdfcpu/pdfcpu v0.1.17
pdfcpu version 0.1.17

  • Improved support for the CCITTFaxDecode filter.
  • Supported is the decoding of CCITTGroup 4 compressed data (for K)
  • Supported is also the 1D decoding of CCITTGroup 3 compressed data (for K=0)
  • CCITT Group3 2D(mixed) decoding is pending available test images (K>0).
  • pdfcpu now extracts group 3 and 4 encoded black and white images to PNG.
  • pdfcpu's tiff reader is also supporting CCITT group 3-1D and group 4 encoded images as of this release.
latest releases: v0.3.6, v0.3.5, v0.3.4...
2 years ago