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21 days ago

2.12.0 (2024-04-03)


  • plugin-seo: adds Norwegian translation (#5621) (589b492)
  • richtext-*: add ability to provide custom Field and Error components (#5574) (02d2c51)

Bug Fixes

  • db-postgres: error on delete having joins (#5459) (9169230)
  • image resize tiff files (#5415) (8184e00)
  • number field with hasMany accept defaultValue array (#5618) (a3ae416)
  • regression of filterOptions using different transaction (#5169) (3ceb6ef)
  • richtext-lexical: Blocks: generated output schema is not fully correct (#5259) (e7f6bfb)
  • richtext-lexical: checklist html converter incorrectly outputting children (#5570) (2e5400f)
  • richtext-lexical: disable instanceof HTMLImageElement check as it causes issues when used on the server (2164dcc)
  • richtext-lexical: Link: add open-in-new-tab to html converter (23df60d)
  • richtext-lexical: properly center add- and drag-block handles (#5568) (48dc116)
  • sets beforeValidateHook req type to required (#5608) (e10d5df)

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