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Version 1.1.0.M2

latest releases: 2.8.0, 2.7.0, 2.6.0...
2 years ago

Issues Fixed

  • #251 - Unable to save attachments when using filesystem that is backed by Azure-File storage class
  • #235 - I can't disable spring-content-elasticsearch when I only needs spring-data-elasticsearch
  • #230 - should annotated with @AutoConfigureAfter(
  • #226 - auto config docx4j'RenditionProvider when spring-content-docx4j on classpath
  • #222 - searchContent/findKeyword Cause java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: wrong number of arguments


  • #201 - Ability to connect to multiple instances of content stores within the same application

Other commits

  • Use Files.createFile rather than FileUtils.touch
  • Make sure the fulltext search curl examples include the required header
  • Merge branch 'dependabot/maven/1.1.x/org.docx4j-docx4j-export-fo-8.2.0' into 1.1.x
  • Add missing docx4j 8.2 libraries
  • Only try and configure renditions if it is on the classpath
  • Add reference for spring content renditions and spring-content-docx4j
  • Move JpegToPngRenderer from docx4j to renditions
  • When spring-content-docx4j is on the classpath import its renderers
  • Add a configuration that can be imported by applications to enable the docx4j renderers
  • Ensure all rendition providers are components
  • Correct fulltext search documentation
  • Ensure spring content elasticsearch auto configuration executes after spring boots
  • Dont autoconfigure elasticsearch integration unless spring-content-elasticsearch is actually on the classpath
  • Set mime-type and original file name before setting content
  • Add documentation for configuring a StoreResolver
  • Add documentation for the new s3 multi-tenant configuration feature
  • Add multi-tenant support to the s3 store factory bean
  • Simplify the multi-tenant configuration
  • Initial implementation of a current tenant id resolver and amazon s3 client provider
  • Refactor DefaultS3StoreImpl tests
  • StoreResolver tests
  • Additional tests for StoreResolver
  • Add StoreResolver to resolve conflicts to a single store
  • Add mongo unit tests back in after refactor


  • Bump aws-java-sdk from 1.11.764 to 1.11.811
  • Bump asciidoctor-maven-plugin from 1.6.0 to 2.0.0
  • Bump spring-cloud-dependencies from Hoxton.SR5 to Hoxton.SR6
  • Bump pdfbox-tools from 2.0.19 to 2.0.20
  • Bump spring-boot-dependencies from 2.3.0.RELEASE to 2.3.1.RELEASE
  • Bump docx4j-export-fo from 6.1.0 to 8.2.0
  • Bump spring-cloud-dependencies from Hoxton.SR4 to Hoxton.SR5
  • Bump commons-io from 2.6 to 2.7

The maven coordinates for this release are as follows:-


where XXX can be:-

Storage Modules

  • fs for the Spring Content Filesystem Module
  • s3 for the Spring Content S3 Module
  • jpa for the Spring Content JPA Module
  • mongo for the Spring Content Mongo Module

Additional Modules

  • renditions for the Spring Content Renditions Module
  • rest for Spring Content REST Module
  • cmis for Spring Content CMIS Module
  • solr for the Spring Content Solr Module
  • elasticsearch for the Spring Content Elasticsearch Module


  • spring-versions-jpa for the Locking and Versioning Module

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