github paulcwarren/spring-content 0.0.7
Version 0.0.7

latest releases: 2.8.0, 2.7.0, 2.6.0...
5 years ago

This release includes:-

  • Spring Content REST support for fulltext search via the new searchContent REST endpoint
  • Improvements to Spring Content REST's hypermedia support
  • New Spring Content Renditions module providing out of the box RenditionProvider implementations
  • Support for Entities with a class hierarchy

The maven coordinates for this release are as follows:-




where XXX can be:-

  • jpa for the Spring Content JPA Module
  • mongo for the Spring Content Mongo Module
  • fs for the Spring Content Filesystem Module
  • s3 for the Spring Content S3 Module
  • renditions for the Spring Content Renditions Module
  • rest for Spring Content REST Module
  • solr for the Spring Content Solr Module

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