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Versions >4.5.2 and <4.10.0 are skipped.

⚠️ A security incident caused a number of incorrect version tags to be pushed to the Parse Server repository. These version tags linked to a personal fork of a contributor who had write access to the repository. The code to which these tags linked has not been reviewed or approved by Parse Platform. Even though no releases were published with these incorrect versions, it was possible to define a Parse Server dependency that pointed to these version tags, for example if you defined this dependency:

"parse-server": ""

We have since deleted the incorrect version tags, but they may still show up in your personal fork on GitHub or locally. We do not know when these tags have been pushed to the Parse Server repository, but we first became aware of this issue on July 21, 2021. We are not aware of any malicious code or concerns related to privacy, security or legality (e.g. proprietary code). However, it has been reported that some functionality does not work as expected and the introduction of security vulnerabilities cannot be ruled out.

You may be also affected if you used the Bitnami image for Parse Server. Bitnami picked up the incorrect version tag 4.9.3 and published a new Bitnami image for Parse Server.

If you are using any of the affected versions, we urgently recommend to upgrade to version 4.10.0.

latest releases: 4.10.3, 4.10.2, 4.10.1...
one month ago