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7 months ago

What's Changed

  • chore: Add some missing pre-commit hooks by @philippemnoel in #406
  • chore: Added workflow to lint Python files, and finish fixing pre-commit hooks by @philippemnoel in #407
  • docs: fix broken anchor links in indexing/bm25 by @EduardoJM in #405
  • fix: setup tokenizers on every index retrieval by @neilyio in #375
  • feat: Consolidate our third-party extensions versioning + build deploy pipelines for our extensions + third-party extensions by @philippemnoel in #419
  • chore(deps): bump the github-actions-dependencies group with 1 update by @dependabot in #425
  • feat: Also pre-compile pgml, to speed up builds by @philippemnoel in #428
  • feat: Use json5 crate to parse index/query options by @neilyio in #420
  • build: Successful build and test on pg16 by @maparent in #414
  • feat: Add optional and anonymous telemetry to ParadeDB and its extensions by @philippemnoel in #427
  • fix: Fix mobile usability issue in blog by @philippemnoel in #431
  • feat: CloudNativePG compatible image by @MauAraujo in #430
  • ci: Prod Promotion by @MauAraujo in #432

New Contributors

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