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Bug Fixes and Upgrades

latest releases: v1.8.3, v1.8.2, v1.8.1...
3 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • Hover on button anchors is now consistent with the hover for buttons (thank you @sarramegnag a0c77ba)
  • Building the progress bar CSS no longer throws an error on some systems (thank you again @sarramegnag 8af69f3)
  • Keyboard control on radio buttons now work as expected (thank you @vanillaSlice 6c20a60)
  • Height on select elements are now consistent across browsers (thank you @mert.safak 67d1208)


@TotomInc provided some much needed upgrades to our dependencies including upgrading gulp to v4. These upgrades will make future development easier and reduces the vulnerabilities found in npm audit. Thank you kindly!


As per usual, me no spell so good - so thank you @nelsonmestevao, @sarramegnag, @anupamasok, and everyone else who has taken time to improve the documentation of PaperCSS.

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