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4 years ago


Holy smokes, PaperCSS, as of version 1.4.0 is no longer a LESS based framework. Its talents have moved on to the world of SCSS for better support and more contributors. Much love to @koester for taking on the rewrite and to everyone else for providing feedback and help in #122. This is a very cool under the hood change, but should not make for any difference in actual styles, other than a smaller CSS file.

Overhauled Documentation

Tired of scrolling forever on the page? Documentation is now separated out into multiple pages to keep everying organized and to reduce conflicts with future PRs. It is built with the popular Hugo static site generator, and as a bonus, code documentation now has syntax highlighting! Major shout out to @MunifTanjim for taking this on and to everyone else in #82. Check it out at!

Collapsibles and Accordions

Those awesome changes aren't enough? PaperCSS now has more fancy pure CSS features. Use collapsibles to open and close many things, or accordions if you just want to use one at a time.


peek 2017-12-27 12-20


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  • Some typos
  • README updates


Thank you to everyone for their contributions to the discussion in issues and PRs. Special thanks to @koester | @MunifTanjim | @TotomInc | @Fraham | @afzalsayed96 | @DanielRuf for their contributions to the code base in this release!

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