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1.3.0 | Very Neat Things

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4 years ago

Oh wow, are you ready? New features and fixes to make PaperCSS that much better!

Inline Lists

Why should lists only be vertical?



Tabs made with pure CSS. Pretty neat, right?

peek 2017-12-15 08-38


Another feature normally made with JS done with CSS. Plus it has the paper feel that we all know and love <3


Another style:



  • Code snippets scroll horizontally rather than wrap
  • Many typos

Documentation Updates

Hate scrolling to the top of the page manually? We now have a hot new button that'll take you there for you. Check the bottom right of your screen as you scroll down the page.


The Readme on Github is also very improved!

Under the Hood

  • PaperCSS now has some test coverage to keep elements that don't change much like flexbox, colors, grid stable and consistent.
  • Less files were updated to import styles used within them. This will allow each file to standalone if compiled to CSS.
  • .editorconfig added to keep styling consistent between different contributors.
  • Running npm run build will also generate individual CSS files for each component


Thank you to everyone for their contributions to the discussion in issues and PRs. Special thanks to @TotomInc | @Fraham | @afzalsayed96 | @paulmand3l | @ilhamwibawa | @valerymelou | @Nilanno | @DanielRuf | @wintercounter | @maciejmatu | @joelwallis | @DannyFeliz | @brodybits | @paulmand3l for their contributions to the code base!

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