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1.2.0 | Fresh New Paper

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4 years ago

Hot off the presses, cool new features, fixes, and additions to make PaperCSS even better!

More Buttons

New button animations for hovering, clicking, and focusing. These bad boys are ready for action. They also come in fresh new colors to match the rest of the theme:


Large Inputs

Wanted to write a novel within a PaperCSS site? Now you can with style support for <textarea>



Build a blog using PaperCSS right out of the box



  • Radio buttons and check boxes work in IE
  • Popovers refactored to be simpler
  • Fixes for invalid styles
  • Many typos :)
  • Many bugs in the documentation page


Thank you to everyone for their contributions for getting 1.2 released and out the door!
@TotomInc | @Fraham | @afzalsayed96 | @DannyFeliz | @valerymelou | @DanielRuf | @joelwallis | @paulmand3l | @brodybits

And thank you to everyone not explicitly mentioned for their contributions in the issues and PR comments!

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