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8 days ago

These are the offline installers, portable ZIPs, and deployment MSIs for Paint.NET. The web installer is also provided, which will download and run the correct installer for any supported CPU and OS.

Release notes:

System Requirements:

  • Windows 11, or Windows 10 v1809+, or Windows Server 2019/2022
  • 64-bit CPU (Intel/AMD x64 or ARM64)
  • Optional: A pen or drawing tablet that supports Windows Ink
  • Recommended: A CPU that supports AVX2
  • Recommended: A GPU or APU that supports Direct3D 11, such as an NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon, Intel Arc, Intel Iris (Plus or Xe), or Intel HD/UHD

(Friendly hint: If you don't know what an MSI is, then it's almost certainly not the download you want. Just grab the "anycpu" installer if you're not sure which one to use.)

The "source code" ZIP does not contain any actual files or source code, it is just included automatically as part of GitHub's "releases" functionality.

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