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Oxen Salty Saga 8.1.6

(Oxen) Salty Saga 8.1.6

This releases fixes a problem with block creation recently experienced on the network, as well as a few smaller fixes and updates. Though not mandatory, Service Nodes are strongly recommended to upgrade to help maintain smooth network blocks.

Blockchain fix

  • A pair of recent SN registrations resulted in blocks that the network wouldn't accept (either for pulse or the PoW fallback) when trying to pay a reward to the SN (see #1412 for the technical details). The fix in 8.1.6 ensures that produced blocks properly meet the blockchain requirements and get accepted by the network. As of this post the network is about 7 hours behind schedule; expect to see reduced block times (of around 1m30s) until we catch up.
  • This update is not strictly mandatory: all existing 8.1.x nodes will accept blocks from 8.1.6+ Pulse Service Nodes; as long as a decent chunk of the network has upgraded (which has already happened) Pulse's design allows fallback Pulse quorums to step in and produce a proper block if this issue strikes again. Having more of the SN network upgraded makes it more likely that a fixed backup quorum gets selected sooner.

Other changes

  • The CLI wallet now shows a warning, in bright red text, and extra confirmation before showing your wallet seed phrase or private keys. Spammers have been targetting OXEN wallet holders: please be vigilant and never provide your private keys (or seed phrase) to anyone. We will never ask you for it either directly or in any sort of "form"; if someone does ask for it directly or indirectly then they are almost certainly trying to scam you!
  • Fixed a bug in the coinbase calculation code used by (AKA http://blocks.loki) and to report circulating supply. Some block rewards and burn amounts were being counted twice and thus reporting circulating supply and burn numbers that were too high. (This fix went out in a custom build on our two block explorer instances about a week ago; this bug was also the cause of the numbers being different between and

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