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Oxen Salty Saga 8.1.5

(Oxen) Salty Saga 8.1.5

This is the first release of the rebranded Oxen* blockchain (previously Loki blockchain). Most notably this release now displays everything as OXEN rather than LOKI, and renames the binaries to their new names, but the release also includes some other updates and minor bug fixes.

This release is optional, but recommended: existing Loki binaries will continue to work perfectly well (until the Oxen v9 release, barring any serious issues) and have the same commands, RPC APIs, etc.

(* - Yes, it's true, our oxen are branded at birth. Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Branding updates

  • Renamed all the binaries to oxend, oxen-wallet-cli, etc.
  • Convert everywhere that references LOKI to OXEN, both in the code and in displayed messages.
  • Added migration code that moves the data directory from the old location (~/.loki) to the new location (~/.oxen) when oxend runs if the new location does not yet exist.
  • oxend now looks for oxen.conf for configuration, falling back to looking for the deprecated loki.conf config file if oxen.conf doesn't exist.
  • Make early initialization errors in oxend more prominent by colouring them red (for errors) or yellow (for warnings), including new errors from the ~/.loki -> ~/.oxen migration.

Non-branding changes

  • Fixed the oxen-sn-keys restore script not properly restoring key_25519 files.
  • Removed unusable address/subaddress options from the create_stake_tx wallet RPC command.
  • Added wallet support for Ledger wallets (There is still Ledger-side approval to go ahead before this is actually usable for non-developers, but this is the necessary support on the Oxen side).
  • Fixed missing error when attempting to sign using a view-only RPC wallet (instead of returning an error the wallet was returning invalid signatures).
  • Fixed a potential out-of-memory error/crash.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the wallets were not properly saving to disk.
  • Reduce the frequency of "your wallet is not synced" errors on registrations/stakes, particularly in the cli wallet, by allowing the wallet to be up to 1 block out of sync
  • Added an oxend RPC option to retrieve staked amounts with transaction details for registration/stake transactions. This allows the block explorer to now show the actual staked amount on the stake/registration transaction details page.
  • Significantly reduced the size of the iOS dependencies package; the new iOS wallet (still undergoing review by Apple) no longer needs the massive set of loki + dependency headers that the old wallet needed.
  • Removed mining-related API functions (start mining, mining status, difficulty, etc.) from the wallet RPC API.
  • Disable the (non-functional) trezor support code, which avoids needing to build and bundle protobuf.

Signatures for release binaries
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 - the oxen-io/loki-core repository, at /utils/gpg_keys/Jason.asc
 - OpenPGP key servers (Jason Rhinelander <>, A88D4262)

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