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Salty Saga 8.1.4

Salty Saga 8.1.4

This release addresses some issues found in the 8.1.3 in default rpc port settings, removes some problematic code trigger increased anti-virus false positives, adds simpler wallet signature generation to the command-line wallet.

This release is optional for SN operators and recommended for all other users.

Detailed changes:

  • Conditionally omit compiling Monero CNv0/1 hash functions; these are only needed by the android wallet, but cause considerably false positive antivirus alerts in Windows when compiled in.
  • Add backend support to wallet_api for submitting stakes (required for future stake submission from the mobile wallet).
  • Add ability to more easily product a wallet signature in the cli wallet; this lets you prove you own a wallet by producing a verifiable signature.
  • Fix rpc wallet default bind ip & port, broken in the 8.1.3 RPC changes.
  • Fix some rpc commands invoked via lokid COMMAND not working.
  • Fix/improve lokid status output.
  • Start building snapshots of the GUI wallet in CI for easier/faster gui wallet testing.
    -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 The following hashes have been signed for verification using keejef's GPG keys located in the loki core repository at SHA256 Hashes loki-linux-x86_64-8.1.4.tar.xz 25aed103ea1deb457b73cc5f0c1bf3c6a50b5c57831f6c96b81232d4b0c2e1f5 loki-macos-8.1.4.tar.xz b5cd87e19fe2329e8c4fa55042c39c1d75c5b25f980815d06f7fe28e98f58dbf 01e18c8a21b85e0ef3f3636ec480b81c91c787d5ec4dd7ca94175c75599296e2 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQEcBAEBCgAGBQJfuyOJAAoJEKyXFIlc5F1VONwH/R5TBefpikcBdxyp4DEMuGNl Oz1JTyob7iMaI9JnVnW6LNSHFueravYFyksmjy+x2J3l2zOinl8/POUy6YlaOEpq ezIsgUFHK/EzkQn3Jpj/vQTjyAlGtIa9/JKVsDoe3sJ6M+4sL7mO+p/R9t/6Di0K UZbcuKLF3L/jRGayPVFOmtoK7eO/GyhqLQq8zjXEvi5HYPCV8dkS6HA7ay/9TqSb BZKreMCFcixIr4aNz+kf4YXofjbq9bWhwVXDffiV9+MTDIfc+x+5N9ekpCUD0F2q LqgJZUQDkqT/1xapNAuaSCmaeHgN1Xh+h0m0W9Ov6K33iXwJOyJEgSjoCdko9Rg= =NzLk -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
latest releases: v8.1.6, v8.1.5
3 months ago