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Salty Saga 8.1.3

Salty Saga 8.1.3 release.

This releases fixes some wallet issues and improves (and simplifies!) how to configure lokid HTTP RPC listening.

Detailed list of improvements:

  • Fix submitted txes in the wallet showing up as "failed" while still in the mempool
  • Fix outgoing transactions resulting in double spend errors (caused by the above failed status)
  • Fix "failed to parse hex" error when trying to verify a tx (#1339) or import key images (#1319)
  • Drop boost::filesystem and boost::datetime dependencies; we now use std::filesystem where available, and ghc::filesystem where not (i.e. macOS and iOS).
  • Overhaul lokid HTTP RPC options to greatly simplify rpc endpoint configuration while also allowing running both a private, admin RPC endpoint along with a public, restricted RPC endpoint.
  • Fix a potential crash during shutdown/restart HTTP RPC shutdown when using some non-standard RPC configurations.
  • Wallet updates for Android and iOS wallets. (These wallets are already released with a slightly older pre-release build).
  • New continuous integration builds for Android and iOS wallets so that we are always building and testing them going forward.
  • Add a tx fee estimate wallet_api endpoint for future mobile wallet versions to use.
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