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Salty Saga 8.1.2

This releases contains various wallet-related and some service node diagnostic improvements related to uptime proofs. It is recommended for cli wallet users and new service nodes, and optional for existing service nodes.

Wallet fixes:

  • Fix view-only wallet key image importing bug that can occur when the wallet first sees blinks out of the order they eventually get added to the blockchain.
  • Fix mac builds to compile for more generic CPUs and lower macos compilation compatibility level to target 10.12 and later.
  • Fix a wallet syncing bug on older macos versions.
  • Fix an occasional POST request error in the embedded HTTP client.
  • Signficantly reduce wallet CPU usage by eliminating some busy loops from the polling thread (particularly when doing long operations like building large transactions).
  • Significantly improve sweep_all speed in the cli wallet, particularly for large transactions on a remote lokid.
  • Fix "failed to get random outs" issue for cli and gui wallets when using public RPC nodes.
  • Add wallet rpc endpoint for remembering known lokinet names (to make the GUI wallet remember looked up LNS names).

Service Node changes:

  • Fix lokid refusing to send uptime proofs when reusing a key_ed25519 file from an expired registration without using the same primary key (for example, when converting an expired service node to run as a new registration in 8.x ed25519-only mode).
  • Add a loud warning in the logs if lokid detects another SN on the network broadcasting uptime proofs with the same public IP and ports.
    -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 The following hashes have been signed for verification using keejef's GPG keys located in the loki core repository at SHA256 Hashes loki-linux-x86_64-8.1.2.tar.xz c5e5b0e4892a06f064f00e03c37f68b8336612054634296bd9f89986b93b2d17 loki-macos-8.1.2.tar.xz f2c8cb789c4d6d0cfd661d100990d478074de5479c962a6146a2d34cdb827913 a2dec71b93d1b1bd83b35be0ce6371a656c6840e0577fed603b41a5a42ab3e98 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQEcBAEBCgAGBQJfj4TkAAoJEKyXFIlc5F1VBM8H/jVc4gCmMIcYjgjHd+jVi8wp Oq90kmo53uBAFFd54PUSYZdar1//P5vgLHP46FHnqqJ1HkrK1668zGu/begSzyIV lAtdkVJnu6OkwU9lr6qUIP4hmtTbCsh/jjtqiX7czYTNtjREyXJUKdPAs6rIncm8 fLu/3LJwlpTK2a8c5HoDT3JgkD5YdwSbWuobKdbEiMA7RRnxS5nS+JuTmolg76mw ASBDD0XEW6ZYtbcv41pfz3wvZhYdRdCQlj3L3PlQ8DE/waaDQideaEeJoWuoXJWN wpaTJijdIs81Tr+DEV3IaWDTkpsLMuSYEZaWbyahrk29TSWxDBiel36x10Njb9Q= =O8KI -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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