github ovh/the-bastion v3.15.00

latest release: v3.16.00
27 days ago

⚡ Security

  • No security fixes since previous release
  • Oldest release with no known security issue is v3.14.15 (2023-11-08)

💡 Highlights

This release introduces two notable changes, apart from the usual fixes and enhancements:
A new global configuration option, dnsSupportLevel for systems with non-working DNS (fixes #397).
Support of the @ character when referencing the name of a remote account in a personal or group-based access (fixes #437).

A more complete list of changes can be found below, for an exhaustive (and boring) list, please refer to the commit log.

📌 Changes

  • feat: add dnsSupportLevel for systems with broken DNS (fixes #397)
  • enh: allow @ as a valid remote user char
  • fix: don't look for error messages when sysret==0
  • fix: avoid a warn() when an non-resolvable host is specified with scp or sftp

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