github overmindtech/cli v1.0.3

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one month ago

What's New

  • Improvements in telemetry, capturing more errors and less information we don't need


  • fd70391 Add missing scope for loading snapshots
  • a99eaea Bump go minor version
  • fa428fe Capture account and user name on traces
  • cf944f9 Capture errors for quality management
  • d151001 Capture exitcodes for commands used in the github action
  • 273af86 Ensure that the request load command returns at the end of processing
  • a0c519a Fix typo
  • a4b046a Fix typos in tracedSettings
  • b0995eb Lock file maintenance (#405)
  • f67cf1d Merge pull request #406 from overmindtech/go-update
  • 21f15c5 Merge pull request #407 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 814665c Merge pull request #408 from overmindtech/cleanup
  • 3113b17 Merge pull request #409 from overmindtech/error-recording
  • 2937f26 Merge pull request #410 from overmindtech/init-refactor
  • 4403868 Merge pull request #411 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • c0b3dd6 Merge pull request #412 from overmindtech/tracing
  • 6550298 Refactor cli command initialisation and error reporting
  • 7cc421a Update Overmind Dependencies
  • b8d8122 Update digest to d7fd9f5
  • e75fc54 Wire through command context for tea-based commands for tracing
  • f729d5d don't capture potentially sensitive customer info
  • 698e6df make formatting of template more robust (and fix accidental indentation)

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