github overmindtech/cli v1.0.11

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12 days ago


  • 9b3de66 Fix index
  • e023601 Fixed more tests
  • fbe3a3c Handle fields that don't exist in after
  • ea48558 Merge pull request #446 from Lerentis/main
  • 4230f82 Merge pull request #448 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • d817539 Merge pull request #450 from overmindtech/renovate/opentelemetry-go
  • ef1f428 Merge pull request #453 from overmindtech/known-after-apply
  • b19eeac Update Observability modules
  • 34df1c5 Update Overmind Dependencies
  • 40e2a50 Update Terraform aws to v5.57.0 (#451)
  • 16da6f3 Update module to v1.30.1 (#449)
  • 1e5ae01 Update semconv version
  • fe45121 Updated sdp-go version
  • 81ad18a Use the text (known after apply) instead of removing
  • 9c72abf mention aur package in readme

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