github overmindtech/cli v0.29.2

latest releases: v1.1.1, v1.1.0, v1.0.14...
one month ago


  • dd5b777 Merge pull request #368 from overmindtech/read_me_update
  • 6d5c7d0 Merge pull request #369 from overmindtech/renovate/
  • d78fbdb Merge pull request #372 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 59877ee Update Overmind Dependencies
  • fd76bef Update Terraform aws to v5.53.0 (#374)
  • 92f2138 Update digest to fc45aab
  • cd3fefd Update module to v1.28.11 (#373)
  • b6f110c Update module to v1.19.0 (#370)
  • b29cd53 Update module to v0.21.0 (#371)
  • b8da3fc Updated Docs url in read_me

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