github overmindtech/cli v0.29.0

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one month ago


  • d2296c6 Added a description for the terraform commands
  • 00c2a37 Count sensitive values in the plan for display
  • 6ec1304 Implement view freezing for interstitialCommand
  • d68471d Merge branch 'main' into read_me_update
  • 0b5db0f Merge pull request #351 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 8f2b5c7 Merge pull request #359 from overmindtech/interstitial-freezing
  • dea440d Merge pull request #360 from overmindtech/read_me_update
  • 10b45dc Merge pull request #363 from overmindtech/describe-terraform
  • 48a284b Merge pull request #364 from overmindtech/count-secrets
  • bccf363 Update Overmind Dependencies
  • 2e0f3e6 Update readme
  • a1328b8 Updated Readme
  • 857e28e added emojis
  • 9cadddb fix image size
  • 49b4546 remove list
  • 6d1117e update image size
  • ba63e02 update image size

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