github overmindtech/cli v0.28.0

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one month ago


  • 9eedb1f Add deploying packages to cloudsmith for proper repos; update README
  • ee767c3 Add optional approval step to terraform apply
  • d0b6d19 Add optional wrapping to markdownToString and wire up to terminal width
  • 2d9aed4 Also suppress error messages during bubbletea
  • 389dc87 Always inherit the full environment when overriding AWS_PROFILE
  • 6bb7df1 Changed snapshot wording
  • 1d578c4 Do not show Starting Change status after terraform apply
  • 905e2ca Ensure that apply only runs after sources have initialised
  • f171456 Ensure that all View()s get properly wrapped at terminal width
  • c90d93e Ensure that all models get initialised with a width
  • 1d43356 Ensure that all sub-components receive all messages
  • cefe8b1 Finish status reporting around terraform apply
  • d84f8c6 Fix "random" ANSI spew/UI hang
  • 88308dd Implement PR feedback
  • 7def8ba Improve error reporting when AWS Source does not initialise
  • cd4ca05 Improve readme
  • 2f5926d Improve status display for starting/ending a change
  • 8cbad66 Merge pull request #332 from overmindtech/load-properly
  • 65e1a28 Merge pull request #333 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 2c4d514 Merge pull request #334 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 48dffde Merge pull request #335 from overmindtech/risk-style
  • da7e8b3 Merge pull request #336 from overmindtech/renovate/
  • a65ca74 Merge pull request #340 from overmindtech/renovate/opentelemetry-go
  • a8737cd Merge pull request #341 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • c51e2c4 Merge pull request #342 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 90e773f Merge pull request #343 from overmindtech/apply
  • 86af0ec Merge pull request #344 from overmindtech/inherit-environment
  • 5d499d4 Merge pull request #349 from overmindtech/bug--
  • e5a4ebd Merge pull request #350 from overmindtech/improved-error-reporting
  • e2bef8b Merge pull request #352 from overmindtech/wrap
  • a93df2b Merge pull request #354 from overmindtech/change-snapshot-wording
  • 3b4872d Merge pull request #356 from overmindtech/quitquitting
  • b882093 Merge pull request #357 from overmindtech/native-repos
  • 1e0b3ae Move request to two commands
  • 6fea377 Moves severity to the end to match the GUI
  • 209ad68 Only use aws-profile if actually requested
  • 5755c35 Reasonably happy with this style
  • ccfd556 Remove noop line
  • f85300d Remove unused spinner variations
  • b10e19d Show the risks in the terminal scrollback before asking for approval
  • af9fcf9 Update Overmind Dependencies
  • 3da8c99 Update Overmind Dependencies
  • b24640f Update Overmind Dependencies
  • 7009bff Update Overmind Dependencies
  • d5ce156 Update Terraform aws to v5.52.0 (#338)
  • 90d1e02 Update digest to 404ba88
  • 48edbd8 Update module to v0.26.4 (#337)
  • 3202c88 Update module to v0.4.2 (#339)
  • 510bdb5 Update module to v0.28.0
  • d50aebb remove go's default process cancel behaviour when calling terraform
  • e39774a typo

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