github overmindtech/cli v0.26.0

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3 months ago


  • 04d58b6 Actually execute terraform plan
  • adb8bf3 Add a stdlib source engine to the process
  • 82cceed Add aws-source and stdlib-source as formal dependencies
  • 4d4bab4 Add charm's glamour to improve prompting; automatically open browser for auth
  • 302d44d Added build ofr linux packages
  • c453674 Bump from 3.0.1 to 3.0.3
  • b9ba433 Change token funcs to always use a oauth2.Token
  • 533670f Document ACCESSIBLE env var usage for screenreader mode
  • 9a260c1 Fix final output to show correct URLs
  • fb9eabf Fix typo
  • acbeefc Implement terraform apply subcommand
  • 625ab72 Implement plan parsing and uploading
  • 5343e6e Improve terraform plan help text
  • 2a7f08e Initial attempts at the charmbracelet libs for better interactivity
  • fa05ea3 Merge pull request #186 from overmindtech/charms
  • 0c391ba Merge pull request #204 from overmindtech/simplify-build
  • 87f5d0d Merge pull request #205 from overmindtech/use-audience
  • 73899b4 Merge pull request #207 from overmindtech/dependabot/go_modules/
  • e077a2a Merge pull request #208 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 8e41be0 Merge pull request #212 from overmindtech/datamaps
  • 17f8e64 Merge pull request #213 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 3b72131 Merge pull request #216 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 218c174 Merge pull request #217 from overmindtech/renovate/opentelemetry-go
  • e6c02a4 Merge pull request #219 from overmindtech/renovate/overmindtech-go
  • 795bcee Merge pull request #220 from overmindtech/create-linux-packages
  • 5ca61d4 Properly use the user's token to auth against NATS
  • 44a8453 Remove debugging aid
  • 93c5ca0 Remove raw binary artifacts
  • c1cddfd Shut down engines cleanly
  • 314a1ef Update datamaps
  • d6a12a7 Update datamaps
  • 6f617f2 Use token audience from instance-data
  • c99944f chore(deps): update dependency go to v1.22.1 (#214)
  • 8695e60 fix(deps): update digest to 1c8327e
  • 3b71d01 fix(deps): update digest to eb65fbb
  • a30526f fix(deps): update module to v1.16.0 (#218)
  • b1b46d9 fix(deps): update module to v6.5.5 (#215)
  • 5a7da5b fix(deps): update module to v0.2.4
  • b6d034b fix(deps): update overmind dependencies
  • 3a069b6 fix(deps): update overmind dependencies
  • ad3579d refactor: extract plan hashing into separate function
  • 9845bab refactor: extract source initialisation into separate function
  • c902eb1 refactor: remove loads of common code from commands

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