github overmindtech/cli v0.25.0

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5 months ago


  • 376eb4d Added more error handling
  • 32e9e05 Added scope checking to API keys
  • 5790ca1 Merge pull request #181 from overmindtech/renovate/golangci-golangci-lint-action-4.x
  • e9a7d3a Merge pull request #184 from overmindtech/depot-builder
  • 6e60687 Merge pull request #187 from overmindtech/permissions-error-improvements
  • e37ace3 Refactor auth to make a lot more sense
  • b80e482 Remove TODO
  • 045e74a Update golangci/golangci-lint-action action to v4
  • 38a5358 Update module to v0.66.0 (#180)
  • 35da054 Update module to v0.66.1 (#182)
  • 8cb5654 Update spelling
  • fc571e3 Use depot builder for testing

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