github overmindtech/cli v0.23.0

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5 months ago


  • 5a7246b Apply golangci-lint autofixes
  • caedb48 Change binary name
  • e0d033a Fix linting issues
  • 561d7d2 Initial restructure of commands
  • 28a9b5d Manually fix broken golangci-lint autofixes
  • 6d55832 Massively simplify arguments
  • 1c980e8 Merge pull request #169 from overmindtech/renovate/opentelemetry-go
  • 1b300e8 Merge pull request #171 from overmindtech/golanci-lint-update
  • 36c8804 Merge pull request #173 from overmindtech/change-risks-status
  • 0e64f5d Merge pull request #175 from overmindtech/rename-reorg
  • 9b7ce7b Removed most of the root parameters
  • ede0fd2 Removed old args that were disused
  • cfdece1 Small changes to readme, bug ones will come soon
  • 36917fb Update datasources
  • 2b8e30f Update default golanci-lint version to the one that fixes the loopvar check
  • 1a390d2 Update sdp dependencies
  • 72e5260 Update sdp-go
  • 4223eef Update tarfile name to be more logical
  • 35bb8fe Use the new GetChangeRisks() API
  • 2b29f4a fix(deps): update observability modules

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