github overmindtech/cli v0.21.2

latest releases: v1.0.14, v1.0.13, v1.0.12...
7 months ago


  • b9b87b0 Fixed the hardcoding in the template
  • 2f5269b Introduce more human-readable terraform_name on parsed items in submit-plan
  • 31cf839 Merge pull request #129 from overmindtech/create-svg-assets
  • a7543ca Merge pull request #130 from overmindtech/update-comment-icon-paths
  • 46a8133 Merge pull request #133 from overmindtech/trim-terraform-addresses
  • 7d248a3 Merge pull request #137 from overmindtech/renovate/actions-setup-go-5.x
  • 17c7fd2 Merge pull request #138 from overmindtech/remove-more-hardcoding
  • f1873fc Update .gitignore
  • b0f5a92 chore(deps): update actions/setup-go action to v5
  • fe26997 chore(deps): update dependency go to v1.21.5 (#134)
  • 152d6e6 feat: create svg assets
  • 4db4b95 feat: update comment icon links
  • c55f906 fix(deps): update module to v0.58.2 (#131)
  • 4ede1e4 fix(deps): update module to v0.58.4 (#135)
  • b40dd38 fix(deps): update module to v1.18.0 (#136)
  • f24b8a8 fix(deps): update module to v0.15.0 (#132)
  • 5b35733 use commit hash

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