github overmindtech/cli v0.19.1

latest releases: v1.0.14, v1.0.13, v1.0.12...
9 months ago


  • e00026a Improve logging
  • 0f043d5 Improved errors if you don't have permission
  • f31aa5d Merge pull request #91 from overmindtech/logging
  • 4d57cb6 Merge pull request #92 from overmindtech/fix-auth-errors
  • e6ffe58 Update golangci-lint to 1.54.2 to avoid false positives on go core
  • 44b3d0f Update module to v0.51.0 (#88)
  • 2b9adf9 Update module to v1.17.0 (#89)
  • 24537b6 Update module to v0.13.0 (#90)

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