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24 months ago

Possible breaking changes

This releases addresses some of the consistency issues seen across the Ory Ecosystem charts, whilst still maintaining backwards compatibility. Please be aware, that some breaking changes (related to moving values from root level to .deployment or job levels) may occur.

If You note some problems with upgrading please do not hesitate to open an issue, or contact us on the Ory Commuity Slack

What's Changed

  • fix: Inject imagePullSecrets in hydra migrate job by @phsym in #397
  • feat: extraEnv & extraVolumes values for kratos-selfservice-ui by @phsym in #398
  • fix: introduce unified job SA by @Demonsthere in #405
  • fix: add missing pullsecrets to maesters by @Demonsthere in #406
  • fix: update resource decalaration in deployment template by @thomasboni in #408
  • chore: Make values more consistent between all charts by @Demonsthere in #409

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.21.8...v0.22.0

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