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  • OCI Network Load Balancer Service
    • Support for symmetric hashing when creating or updating network load balancers.
      • oci nlb network-load-balancer create --is-symmetric-hash-enabled
      • oci nlb network-load-balancer update --is-symmetric-hash-enabled
  • OCI Monitoring Service
    • Support for new optional parameters in the create or update alarms commands.
      • oci monitoring alarm create --overrides --rule-name --notification-version
      • oci monitoring alarm update --overrides --rule-name --notification-version
  • OCI Database Management Service
    • Support for new command to retrieve fleet health metrics for MySQL HeatWave clusters.
      • oci database-management managed-my-sql-databases heat-wave-fleet-metrics
    • Support for new optional parameter when retrieving MySQL fleet metrics.
      • oci database-management managed-my-sql-databases my-sql-fleet-metrics --is-heat-wave-enabled
  • OCI Database Service
    • Support for creating and updating a refreshable clone with auto-refresh for an autonomous database.
      • oci db autonomous-database create-refreshable-clone --auto-refresh-point-lag-in-seconds
      • oci db autonomous-database update --auto-refresh-point-lag-in-seconds
  • OCI Logging Service
    • Support for new logging agent-configuration commands.
      • oci logging agent-configuration create-unified-agent-configuration-unified-agent-monitoring-configuration-details
      • oci logging agent-configuration update-unified-agent-configuration-unified-agent-monitoring-configuration-details
    • Support for new optional parameters in the following commands
      • oci logging agent-configuration create-log-configuration --service-configuration-filter
      • oci logging agent-configuration update-log-configuration --service-configuration-filter
  • OCI Devops Deployment Service
    • Support for new groups of commands.
      • oci devops code-search
      • oci devops protected-branch
      • oci devops pull-request
      • oci devops pull-request-comment
      • oci devops repository-private-access
    • Support for new commands in the deploy-artifact group.
      • oci devops deploy-artifact create-helm-command-spec
      • oci devops deploy-artifact update-helm-command-spec
    • Support for new commands in the project group.
      • oci devops project get-project-settings
      • oci devops project update-project-settings
      • oci devops project delete-project-settings
      • oci devops project get-notification-preference
      • oci devops project update-notification-preference
      • oci devops project list-project-analytics-authors
      • oci devops project summarize-project-analytics
    • Support for new commands in the repository group.
      • oci devops repository create-or-update-git-branch-details
      • oci devops repository create-or-update-git-tag-details
      • oci devops repository delete-git-ref
      • oci devops repository delete-repository-settings
      • oci devops repository get-repository-settings
      • oci devops repository get-repository-notification-preference
      • oci devops repository list-fork-sync-statuses
      • oci devops repository list-pull-request-authors
      • oci devops repository list-repository-analytics-authors
      • oci devops repository list-repository-build-run-snapshots
      • oci devops repository summarize-repository-analytics
      • oci devops repository sync
      • oci devops repository update-repository-notification-preference
      • oci devops repository update-repository-settings
    • Support for new parameters in the following commands.
      • oci devops repository create --parent-repository-id
      • oci devops repository get-commit-diff --target-repository-id
      • oci devops repository list-commit-diffs --target-repository-id
      • oci devops deploy-stage create-deploy-oke-stage --oke-environment-details
      • oci devops deploy-stage update-deploy-oke-stage --oke-environment-details
      • oci devops deploy-stage create-oke-helm-chart-stage --oke-environment-details --helm-command-artifact-ids --purpose --is-uninstall-on-stage-delete
      • oci devops deploy-stage update-oke-helm-chart-stage --oke-environment-details --helm-command-artifact-ids --purpose --is-uninstall-on-stage-delete


  • [BREAKING] Optional parameters --description and --display-name have now been made required in the following commands in OCI Logging Service.
    • oci logging agent-configuration create
    • oci logging agent-configuration create-log-configuration

File Checksums (SHA256) 0e76da386ef2d2d383cd8f4f707cd92185d88e99b354450ac11bfa5ababbddd3 382956b1c86f9815bd558b15446ccf5434ef021fbc140439835bb6605540e589
oci-cli-3.38.0-Windows-Server-Installer.msi c796a8fbb9b33adf7c9268e944fc26cdf1233aee45d184b39312c1aa28997f41 19d7560a44c95b88f7561c6f77fb72076acf7b6ddc3f1e1652c7e0fa10685b81 8411f4898cb6dbb35b0fac04483f6cd226c5d639a8441ea8ba00b0b0212235f5 cdcfbb256eb5421d14bac11e2c55fb6f12aa8bdd489ff23b5b23b99a1d21afe3 87682d04303961c1b57a6117ff6d8579b7776eeb5e552ff11f17364701080963 75d975e0969f83fe369c70a24b71561edd0f28f963e70ef1c544804e02d6db85 5c4a5cfe6e3508d1dd53cb1f2a592592a93b84d449741f8464e1401dc9a3fbb5 a4ec622742c93a0298da73be312ffc0d5d999bfdc0ed610378cad8cf9a8f48f1 193534a95618cb9d0ec5d948208eb781f3208ca19f9fbc8258012fd4282eded5

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