github oracle/oci-cli v3.28.0

5 days ago


  • Logging Management service
    • New optional parameter for CRI-O parser
      • oci logging service list --service-stage
    • Added new CRI-O parser in the option --service-configuration
    • [BREAKING] Commands removed
      • oci logging log-included-search get
      • oci logging log-included-search list
  • Database Service
    • Added availability domain information in get VM cluster and Exadata Infrastructure.
      • oci db vm-cluster get --vm-cluster-id
      • oci db exadata-infrastructure get --exadata-infrastructure-id
    • Support for new optional parameter dbservers in the autonomous database dedicated service
      • oci db cloud-autonomous-vm-cluster create --dbservers
  • DNS service
    • Support for secondary egress zones API operations
      • oci dns zone create --compartment-id --name --zone-type --external-downstreams
    • Support to create zone from zone-file
      • oci dns zone create-zone-from-zone-file --compartment-id --create-zone-from-zone-file-details
    • Support for new optional parameter external-downstream in zone-update
      • oci dns zone update --external-downstreams

File Checksums (SHA256) 4df65945d98a28ecae15a29d2733fb764315f5f0c5f1c4bc6e47a02d1a917349 ac51d825ad86ae9c67fa2c0f8db8ead0d71bda949a2db33207e26cee65ab03be 6e20e20a171d992bd6a5fe901738f14d3f16a906ad3881ccb2303e71059792fa ee347943f72d21ef3ee0ba5321aa73d3bb272cd682180d78b79c22a4df596843 f3a780715301750af9c4208895f741ddf40bc3c567bb7b5bffc6d91cbe110535 7c90c31c46a446624cca9652d68eb8aedbb9fb12ada774cbd618d63bc3b4db48 2979654557672df564521e1812808f964cf975a04768df5e31f20062bc9dbb33 9ff766634d7e9dcdb2f828d2ca355913951d57c8391b279d9a130b966b4f324c

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