github oracle/oci-cli v2.9.5


  • Support for updating the shape of a Database System in the Database service
    • oci db system update --shape
  • Support for generating CPE Configuration for customer to download in the Networking service
    • oci network cpe get-cpe-device-config-content
    • oci network cpe-device-shape list
    • oci network cpe-device-shape-detail get-cpe-device-shape
    • oci network tunnel-cpe-device-config
    • oci network cpe create --cpe-device-shape-id
    • oci network cpe update --cpe-device-shape-id
    • oci network ip-sec-connection get-ipsec-cpe-device-config-content
  • Private IP and Fault Domain for Kubernetes cluster nodes in the NodePool response
  • Support for calling Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services in the Montreal region (--region ca-montreal-1)


  • The following for the Data Transfer service
    • Notifications setup
    • oci dts job create has a new option called --setup-notificaitons
    • oci dts appliance request has a new option called --setup-notificaitons
    • Bug fixes in oci dts export configure-physical-appliance
    • Prevent archive buckets for DTS export
  • Upgraded dependencies for arrow, jmespath, python-dateutil, pytz, six.
latest releases: v2.15.0, v2.14.5, v2.14.4...
9 months ago