github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v4.0.0

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20 months ago



  • Support for the Application Migration service

  • Support for the Tenant Manager Control Plane service

  • Support for the Data Transfer service

  • Support for hostname_label, vnic and subnet details as host variables in Inventory plugin.

  • Support for additional configuration variables in the MySQL Database service

  • Support for point-in-time recovery for non-highly-available database systems in the MySQL Database service

  • Improvements in logging which makes it easier to gather the debug logs


  • Issue with fetch_db_hosts in inventory plugin by excluding Exadata db_systems.


  • Deprecated the use of environment variable LOG_LEVEL. Use OCI_ANSIBLE_LOG_LEVEL instead. 

  • Deprecated the use of environment variable LOG_PATH. Use OCI_ANSIBLE_LOG_DIR instead.


  • Removed oci_monitoring_suppression_actions module. Use oci_monitoring_alarm_actions module instead.

  • Removed oci_apigateway_waas_certificate_facts module. Use oci_apigateway_certificate_facts module instead.

  • Removed oci_apigateway_waas_certificate module. Use oci_apigateway_certificate module instead.

  • Removed oci_load_balancer_routing_policy module. Use oci_loadbalancer_routing_policy module instead.

  • Removed oci_load_balancer_routing_policy_facts module. Use oci_loadbalancer_routing_policy_facts module instead.

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