github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.49.0

latest releases: v4.40.0, v4.39.0, v4.38.0...
2 years ago



  • Support for creating Enterprise Manager-based zLinux host targets, creating alarms, and viewing top process analytics in the Operations Insights service

  • Fixed the lifecycle state values for target databases in the Data Safe service

  • Support for specifying database edition and maximum CPU core count when creating or updating an autonomous database in the Database service

  • Support for enabling and disabling data collection options when creating or updating Exadata Cloud at Customer VM clusters in the Database service

  • Support for diagnostic reboots on VM instances in the Compute service

  • Support for returning the number of network ports as part of listing shapes in the Compute service

  • Support for bringing your own IPv6 addresses in the Networking service

  • Support for new parameters for BGP admin state and enabling/disabling BFD in the Networking service


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