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2 years ago

[2.36.0] - 2021-12-02


  • Support for Service Manager Proxy service.
  • Support added to integrate with Object Storage for BDS service.
  • Support for getting subnet topology in the Networking service.
  • Support for encrypted FastConnect resources in the Networking service.
  • Added new features like list-profile-levels, list-resource-action-queryable-fields, filter-resource-actions for cloud advisor service.
  • TDE Wallet Password Optional for ExaCS and DBCS for Database service.
  • Support for unprocessed data bucket actions for Logging Analytics service.
  • Support for the user and security assessment features in the Data Safe service.
  • Support for EM Managed Exadatas and EM Managed hosts In Operations Insights (OPSI) service.
  • Cross-compartment support to Operations Insights (OPSI) service.


  • Installation script issues. Fixes #129 and #107
  • Issue for modules having the message as a top-level module parameter. Fixes #120


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