github oracle/oci-ansible-collection v2.33.0

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2 years ago

[2.33.0] - 2021-10-21


  • Support for excluding compartments from which hosts should be listed from
  • Support for list and read DeploymentUpgrade, cancel and restore DeploymentBackup in the Golden Gate service
  • Support for the run-once monitor feature and network data collection in the Application Performance Monitoring service
  • Support new response value "OPERATOR" for backup creationType in list and get MDS backup api for Mysql.
  • Support for object_collection_rule and scheduled_task for LogAnalytics service.
  • Support for get-auto-upgradable-config and Additional install-type parameter added to List Management Agents, Images and Count operations for Management Agent service.
  • Support for uploading Datapump logs into Object Storage bucket, and filtering Database Objects in the Database Migration service.



  • Param is_agent_auto_upgradable is removed from Management Agent Service.

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